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Spanish Aena puts on Brazil a stronger link between Europe and Latin America companies

Spanish airport manager Aena rumored on Friday that it would strengthen the link between Europe and Latin America over Brazil in order to win the operation of six airports with high tourist potential located in the northeast of the country, with focus on the city of Recife.

Six more terminals were deployed at the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange, which was headed by Zurich Airport in Latin America – two in the southeast – and the local consortium of Aeroeste, four in the center of the West.

The Spanish company, worth 1,900 million rea (about 439 million euros or about $ 500 million), was the largest compared to 437 million real (about $ 114 million) in Zurich and 40 million realos (about $ 10 million) to Aerostet.

"This block is an important advantage for us in Spain, 80% of our airports are tourist (…) and we see a lot of potentials in that northeast block precisely because of that," Aene told reporters. , Juan José Álvarez.

The recife airport reward – the busiest in the region, with 8.4 million passengers -, Maceió, Aracaju, Juazeiro do Norte, João Pessoa and Campina Grande will be at 30 years.
It is the "largest international development operation in the history" of the company, which already manages another 16 airports outside Spain, says Aena in a statement.

Acquisition is part of Aena's Strategic Plan, presented in October and in which "one of the goals" is "expansion in Latin America".

"Recife is the closest point in Europe to Brazil and Latin America, which is a great opportunity," said Alvarez, adding that in Brazil "where are the opportunities" and where "we focused our work".

"We are thinking about expanding where we are leaving and where we can financially," he said.

Zurich will operate the airports of Vitoria (Espírito Santo) and Macaé (Rio de Janeiro) in the southeast, while the Brazilian consortium of Aeroeste has received Cuiabá, Sinop, Rondonópolis and Alta Floresta in central West.

In an intense conflict with the Swiss group, which could not overcome Aeno's bid, the director guaranteed that the Spanish "goal" of the Spanish group was "to win".

Ceará Brazilian regional governor Camilo Santana celebrated the concession and confirmed that there is "no doubt" that Arana's airport Juazeiro do Norte will have "strong growth" and will be transformed into a major center of regional connectivity in the northeast. " t

For the governor, the airport "was one of the hottest at auction" and that "means more development, more tourism and improvements in the economy of the region."

"This is the role of the state: to create the necessary conditions for attracting investors, it was a historic moment that will bring good results in the future," Santana concluded.

Stefan Conrad, Executive Director of Zurich Airport in Latin America, said they were "very impressed with Aena's offer."
"They made an attractive offer for Brazil and we could not cover it at that time," he added.

This is the fifth round of privatization in this type of infrastructure in the South American dive and the first in the government of Jair Bolsonaro.

With the concession of 12 air terminals, the Brazilian executive executives delivered 2.377 million reals ($ 623 million or 550 million euros) on Friday, 80 percent corresponding to the Aene operation.

Brazilian infrastructure minister Tarcisio de Freitas held the auction and said that high competition among stakeholders shows that "economic policy is on the right track".

"We have everything to begin the most powerful recovery" in Brazil, he said.

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