Wednesday , January 20 2021

Square Enix reveals the sale of Dragon Quest XI


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Enix Square announced with great fanfare sales Dragon Quest XI: the clothes of an inexhaustible age in the West Global distribution and digital sales on all platforms for this title exceed four million copies.

The title that perfectly serves as the entry point for franchise outsiders has been acknowledged by critics all over the world due to the fine-tuned and available strategic battle system, bright and beautiful graphics, charming characters and memorable stories. .

"I was happy when I discovered this Dragon Quest XI It surpassed four million sales worldwide. When I created the first Dragon Quest game, more than thirty years ago, I could not dream of becoming a series that would cross sea stocks and play people from all over the world. This is the eleven numbered title Dragon Quest, and when it describes the "heroic story", it also represents a new start of the seriesHe said Yuji Horii.

"When I think there are now more than four million of these heroes around the world, and each one has gone to their own individual adventure, he reminds me how happy I am to be playing. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the people who played Dragon Quest XI, both the fans of previous titles and the new fans who started with it. Thanks everyone"

Dragon Quest XI: the clothes of an inexhaustible age One of the most prominent titles of this year's Square Enix, we've seen it in our review, not only because of its graphics and fantastic music, the way the story is attributed to traps and delighting players. Undoubtedly, the story is largely recognizable to the word.

Dragon Quest XI: An Inexhaustible Clothes – Review

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