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Suned is denied a UIGV | license university | | society

In January this year Republic he warned that the University of Inca Garcilaso de la Vega (UIGV) is at risk of not obtaining its institutional license. Then this studio house, with the rector denied to earn more than two million soles, began to carry out various actions, such as mass layoffs, which in the end were not sufficient. Today, by a resolution published in Peruvian, The National Higher Education Administration (Sunedu) has refused its approval for failing to comply with any of the basic quality requirements.

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This decision sets another precedent because UIGV It is the second licensed university of 19, including Telesup, with the largest number of students (16,650) to be closed gradually over the next 2 years.

Problems detected

According to SuneduAmong the major flaws discovered at this private nonprofit university is a disruption in institutional governance; as well as a mismatch of information on its maintenance and equipment, both in budget and in plan and evidence of execution. It also notes that UIGV did not submit curricula for its declared programs; some of its premises leading to an academic degree are not up to the current norm, which indirectly affects student safety; and did not demonstrate the implementation and management of the planned research activities. For example, he points out that by 2019 – I have no research-related teachers running projects.

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In relation to teaching staff, Superintendency reports that while meeting the minimum required educational levels, "40% of teachers could not show employment during the process." It also failed to ensure its accessibility and showed only that 11.2% of the total number of teachers had a full-time dedication regime.

By this measure, UIGV, with more than 50 years, 97 undergraduate careers, is headquartered in lime (with 9 stores) and a branch in Chincha (Ica), they must close within a period not exceeding two years from the next academic semester. For now, you must suspend the admission process in any modality, but do not interrupt the current cycle.

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It comes a week after this paper revealed Sunedo's request to suspend its rector Luis Cervantes Liñán, who has remained in office for 15 years, as a provisional measure of the sanctioning procedure for allegedly using property and surplus for no educational purpose.

Negative results

In technical license report no. 041-2018-Sunedu / 02-12, last December, observations have already been made on the role of the Rector, curricula, infrastructure, financial sustainability.

You can see Suned needs secondary and vocational education requirements

After that, he needed an Adaptation Plan; and last July a procedure was conducted to verify compliance with the basic conditions. Sunedu considers that "the activities and results projected therein are neither relevant nor sufficient to collect observations". He also says he confirmed yes UIGV It lacks the financial sustainability to guarantee the implementation and maintenance of the request. Therefore, he concludes that "the university is in a scenario of continuous negative results and constant decay of its assets."

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Thus, he adds that UIGV poses risks in financial management, which does not allow it to guarantee the necessary resources to improve and maintain minimum quality requirements in the short and medium term.

Dismissals and suspensions

During the licensing process, UIGV laid off more than 300 workers for "financial sustainability," suspended some admission processes and ordered changes to the premises. In an interview last June, then-Rector Cervantes Liñán said he would "comply" with the Sunedo decision. "If this was unfavorable, we should see the causes of (the closure)," he said.

Suned was asked to suspend Cervantes Liñán

Sunedu requested a suspension Luis Cervantes Liñán when discovering the alleged use of UIGV assets and surpluses in raising salaries for senior officials and paying for travel for the benefit of the rector and family This is despite the fact that nonprofit universities must be used to improve the quality of education.

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Last Friday, the university appointed its vice-rector Ramir Gómez as rector-general. However, he was not registered with Suned until yesterday, despite the deadline.

To this is added the sentence last August for issuing professional diplomas to graduates of other universities, which is contrary to what is established by the University Act. For this violation, the university was fined 300 UIT, which is S / 1 & # 39; 260,000.

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