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Super Bowl 2019 Trailers Half Time: Progress of Movies and TV Shows that could be launched in half-time SB LIII | Videos | Lights | cinema

Super Bowl 2019 Trailers. | By distributing a calendar, the coming of a new year means ending up for some sports competitions like NFL, and with its finalists confirmed, it remains to see only the final match Super Bowl.

For this issue number 53, the main protagonists will be Angeles Rams and Patriots from New England, which will face Sunday, 3rd Super Bowl LIII.

However, while playing the main attraction of the football competition, the public is also waiting for its half-time Show in half– to see live musical performance – this year's acting on behalf of you Maroon 5– and by the way, commercial spots and film trailers and series which are issued during this space.

So what can be expected at the entertainment level Super Bowl 2019? Many believe that there will be at least one or two major releases of exclusive trailers for this and the next year. The problem is to determine who will be selected.

The following list collects some features that fans expect to see during the half-time of this great game, although it is important to note that this might be a year with fewer trailers in Super Bowl.

According to a report shared by ComicBook, instead of 10 trailers as in previous years, Show in half from Super Bowl LIII it would include only three or four trailers. Why? For high space price: $ 5 million for 30 seconds of segment.

Avengers: Finish

Although Studio Marvel has already revealed the first glimpse of the next big premier afterwards "Captain Marvel"It is true that the first movie story offered more questions than answers, and that's why the company could drop new progress, although it is still very uncertain, actually, the Film Academy organizes a meeting with the original Avengers, so maybe Marvel decides to keep any kind of news about it.endgame"for Oscars in 2019.

According to the specialized trailer web site, Marvel Studios will only show "Avengers: FinishThis Sunday.

Captain Marvel

Another movie miracle which could cause a big change in Super Bowl is "Captain Marvel"After this Sunday, only one month will remain for the official premier Studio Marvel can re-start in advance to investigate some unknowns of their previous trailers and generate more expectations.


Study Warner Bros. She is usually interested in promoting her tapes during a great game. Now this "Aquaman"was confirmed as one of the best premiers. t DC, the company may look for a little more marketing forShazam!"to bring more people to theaters in April." However, The Hollywood Reporter's report pointed out that Warner did not buy any advertising space for the movie. Super Bowl.

Star Wars: Episode IX

Production of Ninth episodes "Star Wars"It is approaching the end, so a small cut can already be ready to show it to the public, maybe in Super Bowl, But will it really be like this?

Ninth movie of the main sage Skywalker still has no official name and it is possible that it is Disney Keep this information and the other for your own event later this year. In addition, Hollywood Reporter has stated this Disney I would not pay any space in Super Bowl, though it does not prevent the studio from making other progress the same day but out of the competition.

Toy Story 4

That would be positive Disney and Pixar drop the first trailer of the resumption of its frank franchise in Super Bowl 2019, "Toy Story 4"The last few weeks have been seen so much that it would not only increase expectations for those who grew up watching these movies, but also for those younger." these alternatives.

Hobbs & Shaw

The same Dwayne & The Rock & # 39; Johnson discovered this week that the first trailer was "Hobbs & Shaw", spin – off" Fast & Furious ", Universal Pictures, will be released this Sunday during. t Super Bowl 2019.

However, he later announced that the first trailer of the film will be released on Friday, February 1st.

Wonder Park

It will not be part of the main segment, but it will continue to run on the same day. Paramont Pictures decided to use the Rams vs Pats album to launch a new trailer for the animated film "Wonder Park".

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