Saturday , June 19 2021

Thalia wins her Instagram followers with a sensual dance in the towel [VIDEO] | Picture 1 of 4 | Displays | International shows

Thalia Do not catch and show your sexy side to your personal account Instagram, The Mexican diva has used one of her Instagram stories to move to the rhythm of "Return to Life" and win all her followers.

Mexican has more than 10 million followers Instagram who are always aware of all their publications. You can see the snippet Thalia with a white towel wrapped in a figure in front of the mirror.

Theme you chose Thalia Owned by the British duo Soul II Soul. Mexican shows in the video that she does not lose joy and shows itself natural before all of her followers Instagram.

One has to remember that Thalia continues to maintain good vibration after the incident he suffered at the concert Natty Natasha in Los Angeles.

Thalia and Natasha had some sound problems during the concert that they discovered their true voices. "So it sings … with the heart, the sound is gone, but not you, thanks to Thalia for letting me sing with the woman's anthem, and if I do not remember, that did not happen," the singer "No Pajamas" their social networks.


Thalía showed up on Instagram. (Video: Instagram)

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