Friday , April 23 2021

The bonds between the neurons are more complex than the idea


Barcelona (Spain), November 28 (EFE) .- Spanish and French researchers have found that neuronal transfers are more complex than previously thought.

The study, published by the journal "eLife", identified new types of glutamate receptor, a group of essential proteins that allow the transmission of nervous pulses from one neuron to another, redefining their classification, which is considered to be final for more than 20 years

The paper has shown that the family of receptors (ie, the formation of ion channels) of glutamate has four subfamilies never described before and that instead of being organized into six currently recognizable discussions, there should be a dozen.

Researchers also showed their surprise since they found that animals with a much simpler nervous system than humans have a greater variety of glutamate receptors, and in some cases even a larger number of receptors.

The results may have applications in the neurological areaand force the scientific community to redefine the current classification of the accepted neurotransmitter for more than 20 years.

Since "this is insufficiently dominated by an overly anthropocentric vision of evolution," researchers said – Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona, ​​Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​University of Barcelona and the French National Research Center.

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