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The Gehnios healthcare application launches a pilot plan in Mexico

The Colombian company, which was born in 2017, formed a network of health professionals in Brazil

Tatiana Arango M. –

To provide access to medical advice at home and middle class phones, at a reasonable price, the goal is Gehnios, a Colombian application that was born in 2017 and is hand-armed with Bictia, Accelerator and Incubator ProBogote, after being selected as one of 29 projects that can generate capital impact on the country.

The company, founded by David Garcia Patiño, who is also its executive director, is part of the Aldea, iNNpulsa program and one of the five Colombian companies selected for participation in the World Congress of Entrepreneurship in the Netherlands.

About company plans, the director spoke to LR.

How was Gehnios born?
We started in 2017 with the first part of the application, which was basically a digital process of enrollment and employment of healthcare workers, and then subscription in the application. We work as a digital healthcare portal. We offer independent marketing and operational platform specialists to be able to offer their special services to maximize their income through a more worthy way of doing their business.

How many experts are providing services in the app?
We have 800 across the country, most of whom are general practitioners who, when they start their process on the platform, indicate the availability of attendance hours and where they can: at home or via a call. This brings a family physician to the new age.

They also offer their services to companies?
Initially, we started with a direct model for the consumer, but we realized it was very difficult to know why you would invest a large amount of money into marketing. Therefore, we decided that instead of looking for investors as well as most startups, we have developed a business line for businesses.

In the corporate sector there is a huge appetite for businesses, such as travel insurance, providing medical assistance to travelers. We have clients in Europe who use our platform to provide medical services to their clients coming from Europe to Latin America. Initially we started to offer them in Colombia, but the model they liked so much they asked us to create these networks in other countries.

Where are they?
We have a network of doctors in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador and we form a network in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
We promote services directly to consumers in the major cities: Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla. For B2B companies we create networks according to the needs of the company.
How do you ensure that healthcare professionals are reliable?
Our model allows you to easily and easily sign up as a professional, but with a quality guarantee, with all the requirements that need to have a healthcare sector. For example, we received 4000 requests, but from that universe we filtered and we have 800 people who provide services.

How many users have and how much does each consultation cost?
We have 1,500 users. What we did was standardize prices. For example, general practice consultancy costs equally in all cities: $ 75,000 and $ 80,000 if they are nightly. Therapies have a fee of $ 35,000 and $ 40,000 if they are at night. And for each type of service. We have a network of 24-hour telephone consulting services. We liked the fact that the Travel Assistance, which is an Equator, is used by us to connect patients anywhere in the world with our network of professionals.

What are your plans?
We are in the process of expansion. We re-launched the Digital Marketing Strategy in B2C and want to reduce the cost of purchasing this segment.

There is a Colombian Investment Group called Grandes Patrimonios that has shown interest in business development in Mexico. Then we will open a pilot in Mexico in August. We believe that it will be a flourish because ordinary Mexicans have to pay everything that is less than the junk costs, so most outpatient services are 'pocketed'.


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