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the group justifies the existence of a censored search engine for China

A few days ago we talked about how a group of Google employees wrote, with the support of Amnesty International, an open letter to Google's managers. The goal was very clear: to stop a Project Dragonfly, a search engine that could work in China, as it would censor the country's search, and whose information and data, like everything in that country, could be in the hands of the Chinese regime. The petition was not so much against the very concrete case, but in favor of the protection of vulnerable people, that China (and Google working there) will not guarantee, but quite the opposite.

Now, the second group consisting of half a thousand workers, according to TechCrunch, yes he said in support of Google's work on the search engine in Chinaeven if there is censorship.

You go through the ring of censorship, with the goal of "availability of all information"

Employees who are favorable for Dragonfly development too recognize that censorship exists in the Asian country, but at the same time say that the project mission is "well-matched with Google". This idea argued that the claim that Google content is not present in China is in contravention of Google's mission of "world information organization and universally accessible and useful".

As highlighted in TechCrunch, the argument does not go far beyond the entry of China is very attractive attractively and positive for extending services, because as we said with the news of opposition, it is the only big market where Google is not working, and the potential for growth of users and income seems infinite.

Dragonfly is an economic movement, but opponents have put ethics first

The text also mentions that there is a "see if you can find a way to do it well for Google and Chinese users "In principle, it does not seem to be that complex because it works like any other Google search engine, the company would not make any additional damage, just the one it assumes is the Government of China's action.

In the end, this is an ideological and ethical question, The same reason why Google decided to leave the country, whose measure in 2010 employees who opposed Dragonfly defended another day. It's about not working at all costs, that the job is being carried out in countries that guarantee certain minimum amounts. China is not the case. And that does not help, according to The Intercept's report, Google turned off Dragonfly's privacy and security teams.

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