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They create an artificial leather holster that you can paste or caress to control mobile | technology

We are used to working on the phone by tapping the cool and smooth surface of the screen with our fingers. It is also possible to command by voice, voice or gesture. What would you think control your mobile by stroking, tickling and trifling? Several scientists from the Bristol Interaction Group have created a mobile phone case with artificial leather that you can caress, slap, tickle, or just touch to control your smartphone.

This touch-sensitive artificial leather fits into any surface, so it's also possible to attach it to a mouse, smart watch strap, or robot arm, as can be seen in the following video.

It's not a simple skin made of silicone, like the one used in movies or costumes. Concept artificial leather This means that it is not only sensitive but also like real skin, detects when it receives a caress, pinch or stroke, It lets you control your smartphone with natural gestures without looking at the screen. Watch the video because it's spectacular:

Marc Teyssier, project manager for Skin-on Interfaces, explains that the technology behind it is relatively simple and inexpensive to manufacture. You can make a leather pouch for just over five euros.

Like real leather, this synthetic skin also has several dermis or layers. There is a top layer, which receives user gestures. The thicker bottom layer provides power and elasticity, while the center layer contains sensors that communicate with the mobile to turn gestures into commands for smartphone operation.

That sensory layer goes through the whole case, therefore It has sensitivity throughout the contact surface.

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As seen in the video, you can touch the enclosure pages to launch applications and paste to approve an order or make zoom lens, We can literally handle the phone by tapping on the case while seeing the screen, and this will not interfere with our fingers like we do with a mobile phone in the conventional way.

But the notion holster with artificial leather Open the door for new use. For example, when transmitting emotions in chat or using emojis. If we caress the cover, we can express affection. If we tickle a smile and if we pin it, an angry gesture.

It is a very curious application although, for now, Marc Teyssier and his team do not plan to market it. It’s an open source project, so if they don’t, others could do without problems.

Shall we see faux leather phones in the near future?

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