Monday , July 26 2021

They promote the bamboo culture for industrialization and soil recovery

The San Martino Regional Government (Goresam) will promote bamboo breeding in the region by signing Josef Takahashi Sato, Peru's executive director of Peruvian Bamboo, Peru's regional director José Reátegui Vega.

It is supposed to be; The aim of the agreement is that the parties cooperate in the execution and / or formulation of activities, programs and projects aimed at the sustainable socio-economic development of the inhabitants of the region, the recovery of degraded soils through the implementation of intensive afforestation programs.

"In this regard, the Alliance will promote the strengthening of capacity for sustainable management of bamboo and similar species of forests, as well as the transformation of their product-oriented products to regional, national and international markets that will ensure the generation of economic revenues through the creation of production chains with participation, in extreme poverty, "the official said.

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