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Tips for maintaining a healthy brain El Salvador News

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is key to protecting the body's controlling organ. Doctors call for awareness of nutrition, physical activity and socialization.

Stay intellectually active performing stimulating activities brain activity such as reading, writing, dancing, listening to music, participating in board games, manual activities, attending cultural events, solving crossword puzzles, learning a new language, traveling, talking, among others.

praxis physical exercise moderately regular and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Whether playing sports or one or two daily walks of at least 30 minutes. Walking could be a great option.

Sleep with a dream quality and with appropriate duration. In adults, it is recommended to devote between seven and nine hours a day. Sleep hours change with age: newborns should sleep 18 hours, preschoolers between 10 and 12 hours, and teens eight hours.

The power of social and emotional relationships avoiding isolation and social isolation.
You can also participate in group activities, collaborating with the community or in your community.

Eat a balanced diet while avoiding overweight. The traditional Mediterranean diet is ideal for the brain because it contains little refined sugars and saturated fat, but is rich in vegetables, fruits and fish. Salt abuse is also not recommended.

Control vascular risk factors, such as blood pressure, diabetes or hyperglycemia. Hypertension is a major risk factor for cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke, but also for many other neurological diseases.

Avoid stress and have a positive attitude towards life. Studies have shown that chronic stress increases the risk of anxiety and mood disorders. Laughter can be your best ally.

Avoid consuming toxic substances such as alcohol, tobacco and drugs. They cause changes in the brain structure, altering the dopaminergic system, and causing very harmful and fatal physiological changes.

Protects the brain from physical aggression from the outside using a helmet or seat belt. You must prevent the consequences of accidents, especially accidents at work and in traffic.

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