Monday , July 26 2021

Why would not you ever eat chicken before cooking?

if before cooking any meat, first "cleaned it" in your kitchen's laundry, you were a great risk to your health and your health. It might seem unhygienic to do it, but that's what various research has shown.

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Shredding raw meat, especially chicken or turkey, creates an infectious focus that is called cross contamination, which happens when poisonous and bacteria from one food are transferred to another.

According to the United States Ministry of Agriculture (USDA), when washed with water and rubbing chicken under the discharge, micro drops are generated that pull bacteria to another food and even more can infect all meat.

These contaminated spatulans can travel up to one meter further and be stored on dishes, aprons, cleaning cloths, clothing, etc.

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Also, the United Kingdom Food Safety Agency's study warned that bacteria that are commonly widespread Wash the chicken before cooking, first name Campylobacter.

This germ can quickly cause children, pregnant women and older people to challenge them gastrointestinal problems, diarrhea and poisoning.

Other more serious infections caused by this bacterium are irritated bowel syndrome and Guillain-Barré syndrome, which attacks the nervous system.


Experts indicate it is desirable to transmit raw meat directly from the packaging to the pot, as the process of cooking and heat eliminates the bacteria.

You can also choose to cook it in a pot for a few minutes. With 165 degrees of temperature, the germs will be eradicated.

However, if you need to clean or remove the remains of meat, we recommend that dishes and fresh dishes be removed from the laundry, gently mending the laundry, avoid spraying. When done, wash your hands with plenty of soap and hot water.

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