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2019 NBA Free Rumors of the Agency: Walker Walker is committed to maximally deal with Celtics; Lakers are "a real threat" to sign Kawhi Leonard

One of the most exciting times of the NBA season is with us a free agency started Sunday at 6pm. ET.

Players will not be able to sign their official contracts with teams until July 6 – when the moratorium is over – but they can still agree to team arrangements.

This will be one of the most exciting and biggest sums the NBA has seen in the quote for some time.

This year's free agency is formed as one of the largest and most resilient for a while. Several big names of free agents could leave their current teams, including the ruling MVP finals and NBA champion Kawhi Leonard, two-time MVP Kevin Durant finals and six-way All-Star Kyrie Irving. Not to mention that there will be another line of free agents that will be intensely prosecuted, including established veteran names such as Kemba Walker, Klay Thompson and Jimmy Butler.

Now that the beginning of a free agency is behind the corner, here are the latest rumors and updates that you need to know.

Walker plans to sign with Celtics for four years, $ 141 million

It looks like Boston Celtics has a replacement for Kyrie Irving. According to Athletic Shams Charania, Kemba Walker signature plans a four-year contract worth $ 141 million with Boston when a free agency is opened. Probably the top guard in the market, Walker has played his entire career with Charlotte Hornets and was proclaimed a starter in the All-Star game in 2019.

Mirotic leaves the NBA agency, decides to sign up with Barcelona

Nikola Mirotić held the surprise surprise of the free NBA agency on Saturday by deciding to pass on potential free agency jobs that could reach the $ 50 million range in order to sign up with the Euroleague Barcelona clubaccording to Shams Charania of The Athletic. The Spaniard spent part of the season 2018-19. With Milwaukee Bucks after the team got him in a trade deal in agreement with the New Orleans pelicans. Mirotic compiled averages of 11.6 points and 5.4 rebounds as he scored 35.6 percent on the other side.

The clips appear to be the favorite to sign Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose comes with a season with Minnesota Timberwolves, with an average of 18 points with 4.3 assists and 2.7 rebounds per game. His game allegedly attracted the attention of one team: Detroit Pistons. According to Frank Island's report of Athletic, Pistons have she appeared as a favorite to sign a former MFA league once a free agency opens on Sunday.

The Celtics extend the qualifying offer for Rozier

Boston Celtics give themselves the opportunity to keep Terry Rozier after the free agency opens after he has extended his qualifying bid for the guard on Saturday. In this way, Rozier now becomes a limited free agent and the Celtics have the right to match any bids that can sign up with the other team. Over the past season Rozier averaged 9.0 points, 3.9 rebounds and 2.9 assists in less than 23 minutes per game.

Lakersi are convinced that Kawhi will land

According to Bill Reiter of CBS Sport, Lakers are extremely confident about landing Kawhia Leonard when a free agency starts on Sunday. In addition, Marc Stein from New York Times reports that the Lakers are considered a "real threat" to the Raptors in the signing of Leonard. The star is expected to meet with the Lakers and Clippers, along with the Raptors.

Warriors, Klay plans a quick $ 190m deal

Golden State Warriors will not waste time with the free Klay Thompson shooter agency. According to ESPN's Adriano Wojnarowsky, warriors to plan Thompson's five-year contract, $ 190 million, when a free agency is opened. Wojnarowski also notes that Thompson is likely to accept the offer very quickly. In addition, both sides allegedly plan an agreement on the deal, and that the Warrior front would plan a meeting with Thompson in Los Angeles for the next 24 hours.

The wolves meet with Russell at the start of a free agency

Minnesota Timberwolves might have wanted to make a big bang when a free agency opens on Sunday. According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sport, Timberwolves are set up to meet keep D & R Angela Russell when a free agency starts. Russell comes from a career year with average 21.1 points, 7.0 assists, 3.9 rebounds and 1.2 steals while shooting a career of 36.9 percent higher than behind. Former second overall poker also made its first All-Star game as a network member and helped lead the franchise to their first appearance in the 2014-15 season's playoffs.

Nuggets will pick Millsap's $ 30 million option

Denver Nuggets hangs on one of their veteran players before they start implementing a free agency. According to ESPN's Adriana Wojnarowsky, Nuggets are training a $ 30 million player forward Paul Millsap. He would have the right to join the free agency if the Nuggets refused to pick up his option. The veteran leaves the season with an average of 12.6 points, 7.2 rebounds and 2.0 assists while firing 36.5 percent on the other side.

The missiles have Capella

Houston Rockets want to trade with some of their best efforts in trying to get Jimmy Butler at the 76ers Philadelphia. According to Brand Stein from New York Times, rocket have a trade issuer with a great man Clint Capel, but he will not solve it until they are sure they can get a job for Butler.

Durant plans to talk to four teams

Despite the achilles tendon in the 6th NBA Finals, Kevin Durant is still ready to be one of the best players in the free agency. According to ESPN's Adriana Wojnarowsky, Durant is will talk with Brooklyn Netsima, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers and New York Knicks when a free agency is opened. All of these teams have the space to sign Duranta to the maximum deal.

Collison retires from the NBA

It is expected that Defense attorney Darren Collison will be one of the best options in the free agency this summer. However, Collison has announced shocks in the league on Friday when he is published his retirement from the NBA. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN also noticed that Collison was ok to get $ 10M- $ 12M per season from the teams.

Barnes will get a great offer from King

Harrison Barnes earlier this month rejected his option for $ 25.1 million with Sacramento Kings. However, it seems that a reunion with the kings might be on the table. According to Marc Stein of The New York Times, Sacramento is ready to offer Barnes is a contract for four years, nearly $ 90 million when a free agency is opened.

Davis abandoned the kicker stores to give Lakers max slot

Los Angeles Lakersi have done what could be the biggest plunder off season when they traded for Anthony Davis. With a contract that did not become official until July 6, the latest acquisition of Lakers agreed to give up its $ 4 million worth of trade, who – after the Lakers have sent Moe Wagner, Isaac Bong and Jemerria Jones Wizards in addition to Davis's store – create $ 32 million in a cap and an additional max slot for Los Angeles.

Kawhi plans to meet Clippers, Lakers

Kawhi Leonard is undoubtedly the most wanted player in the free agency this summer. With that in mind, according to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sport, Leonard is approving meetings with Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers when a free agency starts. In addition, Shams Charania from The Athletic reports that Jimmy Butler and Leonard have thought of the idea of ​​playing together with scissors.

Celtics appear as Walker's leaders

Boston Celtics seems to be on the verge of losing star of Kyrie Irving's guard when a free agency starts on Sunday. However, it does not seem to have any problems with finding the right replacement. According to ESPN's Adriana Wojnarowskom, the Celtics are appears as a leader sign Kemba Walker away from Charlotte Hornet.

Beverley was interested in several teams

Veteran guard Patrick Beverley could be pretty good on the market of free agents. According to ESPN's McMahon Team, Beverley is drawing interests from Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls, with Clippers from Los Angeles. Beverley, allegedly looking for a bid of three years, $ 40 + million, could be veteran property that many teams would like to add to their list.

Rozier might be an option for Knick

Boston Celtic Terry Rider spent the last two seasons playing in the shadow of Kyrie Irving, but he may not have to do much longer. According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, New York Knicksi are allegedly interested in signing Roziera for a one-year or two-year job, especially if the team misses several of its maximum goals.

Gasol comes up, he'll stay with the Raptors

Marc Gasol had the player's $ 25.6 million option for the next season, and on Wednesday afternoon allegedly decided practice, which means staying with the defenders at least another season. This was expected all the time because Gasol is already 34 and will not find a contract in a free agency that will pay him so much money.

Lakers favorites for Carmelo

If Carmelo Anthony decides to return to the NBA next season, there is a high probability that he will be with the Los Angeles Lakers. according to according to Ian Begley's report, Lakers are expected to be favorites for Anthony this summer. The veteran is obviously reduced to the field but is close to a friend of LeBron James.

Russell on the Lakers wish list

It looks like Los Angeles Lakers have a famous name on top of their list of wishes for a free agency. According to ESPN's Adriano Wojnarowsky, Lakers have a serious interest in return former host D Angelo Russell. He comes from his first All-Star campaign after heading Brooklyn Nets to playoff last season. However, with reports that Brooklyn is interested in buying Kyrie Irving in a free agency, Russell will probably stay on testing water this summer.

"Lakersi have some opportunities here, but D Angelo Russell is at the top of the list," Wojnarowski said.

Durant refuses the player's option to become UFA

Kevin Durant will officially become an unlimited free agent June 30. According to Adrian Wojnarowsky of ESPN, Durant decided to opt out of his 2019 Golden State Warriors contract and become a free agent. The option was worth $ 31.5 million for the upcoming season. The double NBA champion suffered Achilles injury during the 5th NBA Finals, which will probably outgrow it for the upcoming season.

Durant could still sign up with Warriors for a maximum of five years and $ 221 million.

Lakers expect a & quot; factor & quot; in the race for Kawhi

Although they are considered to be long strikes – especially after they bought Anthony Davis and had only $ 23.7 million remaining in the free space for 2019 – a free agent – Lakers are considered to be running for MVP finals, according to Marc Stein. from New York Times.

Leonard will not have a lack of prose. However, it was largely expected that there would be two teams as a leader in his services – none other than Raptors and the native Los Angeles Clippers.

Rockets followed Butler in the store

Jimmy Butler should become an unlimited free agent for several weeks, while Philadelphia 76ers may offer Butler the most profitable job, Houston Rockets have apparently emerged as another option for his services. According to ESPN's Adriana Wojnarowsky, Rockets will do it try to hire Butler potentially forced into a deal with Sixers.

The report also states that Sixers will be "aggressive" in attempting to re-sign Butler. Philadelphia could offer Butler a five-year contract worth $ 190 million to stay in the team or four-year contract, $ 146.5 million if they want to. If Butler landed in Houston, he would sign a contract for four years, $ 140 million. Clint Capela Center and Guard Eric Gordon allegedly have to be on the move from Houston to Butler's job.

Celtics, Mavs at the front line & # 39; for Kembo

Marc Stein of New York Times reported that Boston Celtics along with Dallas Mavericks are now on the "fronts" of teams trying to report Walker away from the Hornet. The future of Boston is in the air, and more and more like the old guard Kyrie Irving does not plan to sign up again with the team. In addition, veteran striker Al Horford has recently shut down his job for the next season and is set to become an unlimited free agent. Walker blossomed into one of the most dangerous guards the NBA could offer. In eight seasons with Charlotte Hornets, Walker compiled 19.8 points, 5.5 assists, 3.8 rebounds and 1.3 stolen balls while shooting 35.7 percent of the 3.

Booker wants Suns to add a close friend to Russell

Since Brooklyn Nights have a great deal of interest in signing Kyrie Irving in a free agency this summer, it probably means they will not return their own All-Star Guard, D & Angela Russell. If Nets let Russell walk, the star of the Sun Devin Booker says he would love to see his friend with Phoenix Suns, according to Zach Lowe from ESPN. Phoenix, however, may not be able to apply for a salary.

Lakers is interested in Jordan, Vučević

Los Angeles Lakers have a lot of holes that will be solved this summer and seem to target two proven veterans to fill the list. According to Brian Windhorst from ESPN (H / T RealGM), Lakers connect with DeAndrea Jordan for the conviction that he might have a cheaper job and the fact that Jordan wants to return to Los Angeles. Jordan spent the first 10 seasons of his career at Los Angeles Clippers before signing a deal with Dallas Mavericks before the start of last season.

They are also connected with the great man Orlanda Magica Nikola Vučević, who joins an unlimited free agency after his first All-Star season after leading Magic to his first playoff match from the 2011-12 season.

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