Tuesday , January 19 2021

Albayalde insists that NDFP Consultant's arrest is legitimate & # 39; »Manila Bulletin News


Martin Sadongdong

Oscar Albayalde's Chief National Police Director (PNP) reiterated on Sunday that the arrest of Vicente Ladlad's National Democratic Party (NDFP) consultant was legally determined because the woman's suspect was apologized for obstructing justice during his arrest.

Oscar Albayalde's Chief National Police Director (Kevin Tristan Espiritu / MANILA BULLETIN)

Chief Director of the Philippine National Police Oscar Albayalde
(Kevin Tristan Espiritu / MANILA BULLETIN)

"We repeat that the arrest of the Communist Party of the Philippines's Central Committee members and the leaders of its National Front Commission for United Front Vicente Ladlad for violating the Law 10591 or the General Firearms and Ammunition Act," Albayalde said.

"The illegal seizure of firearms and explosives in the possession of Ladlad and two other people is the result of a lawful police search that has been testified and confirmed by the House Association officials," he added.

Ladlad was arrested on Thursday in the city of Quezon City when the police, carrying out a search warrant, found a cache of firearms and explosives from their possession.

Before that, Ladda's wife, Fides, told Albayalde about the scene she was trying to impose on her trip to the Bagong Diwa camp in Taguig, where Ladlad went through the process of booking.

At one point, Albayalde said Fides blocked police mobility while expressing his strong intention to see his wife.

Because of the incident, Albayalde has stated that they are investigating allegations, especially because of the obstruction of justice, against Fides.

"I hope General Albayalde will forgive in heart when his charming wife, Mrs. Albayalde, will also undo justice with her naked hands by blocking a police van because she is shut up and she does not know where she will be brought or what will happen to him due to a state illness called the evidence of the plantida de pulis, "Fides said in a statement.

"I had a lot of my 3 (sic) minutes of fame fighting foxes to protect my wife, Vic Ladlada, as it should make fewer women to have the same destiny happen to their unhappy husbands," she added.

However, Fides also called on pro bono lawyers to help her make the main PNP decide to continue the case against her.

The apology was accepted, but …

On the other hand, Albayalde said he understood Fides' impulsive actions and accepted her apology. However, he suggested that filing a lawsuit against Fidesz was still an option for them.

"I understand her deep concern for the welfare of her husband and as a Christian, I tend to graciously accept her apology," he said.

"However, I must repeat that we are a people of law not from people, and violation of the law has its consequences," he added.

Albayalde then urged the public to "seek correction at the appropriate forum, the right for all citizens to enjoy under our Constitution".

"Be assured that we are conscientious about observing our mandate for service and protection, as well as for respecting the human rights and dignity of the accused, so that our country can achieve lasting peace, prosperity and prosperity, all of us should work together. our daily life, "he said.

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