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An injured superstar who is said to be the next general manager of RAW


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November 21, 2018, 10:05 IST

The days of Baruna Corbina as RAW GM can be done
The days of Baruna Corbina as RAW GM can be done

What is this story about?

According to Mike Johnson PWInsider Elite, in the background talks about Alexa Bliss who became the next general manager of RAW, replacing the acting RAW GM Baron Corbin and Kurt Angle.

If you did not know …

Barun Corbin has been acting CEO for several months now RAW, temporarily replacing Kurt Angle. However, Baron Corbin has a race or break TLC, where he will face the Braun jackpot in the TLC match. The contract for the game is this: if Braun Strowman wins, he gets a universal championship against Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble.

However, if Baron Corbin wins, he becomes constant RAW GM. Kurt's Corner Replacement. As for Alex Bliss, she had been on the shelf for some time, allegedly dealing with multiple earthquakes in a short period of time. It appears on the screen weekly but does not fight because it has not been deleted.

Heart things

Mike Johnson of PWInsider has confirmed that Alex Bliss went through some medical tests in Los Angeles Survivor Series weekend. He said that although there is definitely no Paige's situation, he still has no clear answer when he will return to the ring. Then he continued (H / T Ringside news):

She will probably continue to question her. There were some expectations behind the Stage in Raw that when they came out of the TLC, Alex Bliss would probably end up having a general manager who is making sense when thinking about it, but given how quickly ideas change, so I do not know this 100% plan.

It certainly makes sense for Alexa Bliss to become a temporary RAW GM. WWE is very susceptible to earthquakes (and that is right) so they are likely to keep it away from the ring even after being razzed (some time atleast).

What's next?

Alexa Bliss and WWE hope to soon become a doctor. The good thing is that it fits in GM's role, so it would be a refreshment to see a new face in the role of change.

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