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Astronomers reveal a radio signal coming from a massive galaxy far, far away – BGR

Astronomers often focus on distant galaxies in an effort to better understand the appearance of the universe, and perhaps even tell us something about how our own galaxy developed over time. The big galaxy wandering away in the cosmos recently caught the eye for scientists for a completely different reason: it sent a signal we could reveal here on Earth.

The galaxy, which carries the complex scientific label DES J214425.25-405400.81, has incredible 4 billion light years away, but is labeled as the source of a single, unmistakable rapid radio burst (FRB) that was heard loud and clear in a series of radar dishes in Australia.

After the discovery, the researchers began exploring the possible source of FRB, succeeding not only finding the galaxy from which it was transmitted, but narrowing the source to a certain point within the galaxy itself.

In a new research work, scientists looking for a radio signal source found that the signal was about 13,000 light years from the center of the galaxy. Apart from the place and the fact that it does not repeat itself as some other FRBs, the researchers know very little about what caused the signal to ring in the universe, deepening the mystery of these bizarre transmissions.

By hearing that we have discovered an intergalactic radio signal, your mind may be a bit dejected, but before you go dreaming about aliens trying to greet other civilizations, you should know that scientists are taking a much more steady approach to things.

It is likely, say researchers, that signals are produced by one of several possible star phenomena. Star collapse or even black holes separating stars can explain these radio explosions, but there is no final response at this time. Whatever it is, they are probably not strangers.

Image Source: NASA

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