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Eliminating respiratory illness in the retirement home in Virginia kills 2

Eliminating respiratory illness in the retirement home in Virginia kills 2

Photo courtesy of American Cancer Society via Getty Images

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SPRINGFIELD, VA – The respiratory tract bleeding in a Virginia hospital facility left two dead and sent another 18 to the hospital, health officials said on Thursday.

The Fairfax County Health Department is investigating after 54 of 263 residents in the Greenspring retirement community, located in Springfield, have had respiratory symptoms from coughing to lungs in the past 11 days, the health ministry said.

Investigators are working to determine the cause of the outbreak of the disease.

Greenspring has collaborated with healthcare executives who conduct tests, the minister says. The facility is closed for new patients, while group activities have been canceled and sick residents are quarantined in their rooms, the health ministry said.

The first case happened on June 30, a spokeswoman for Fairtrade County Health Care Fair John Silcox said. The department was informed of the outbreak earlier this week, Silcox said. He could not immediately tell when two patients died.

Outbreaks have been reported in the help and life department at a medical institution, Reported by WJLA. Other symptoms include fever and severe breathing, according to a letter sent by the Greenspring directors to WJLA residents on July 10.

There have been no new hospitalizations in the last few days, the health department said.

In the statement, Greenspring said "the highest priority for the benefit of those who live and work on campus".

"In line with this commitment, the community has acted with abundance of precautions and in cooperation with the Fairfax County Health Department has taken all necessary steps to fully implement proven prevention and control strategies for infections," the statement said.

Health workers say that respiratory epidemics in institutions that are vulnerable, older adults are not uncommon. But health workers usually see about five to ten epidemics per year in the winter and the flu season. This recent outbreak was different because it happened in July.

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