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Food Street and Sailor Moon: 5 Unique Miss Universe 2018 Costumes from Asia

SINGAPORE: The Internet tasted when Miss Universe Singapore Zahra Khanum presented his national costume Thursday (November 29th), which he said by embodying world peace.

However, peace was the last thing Mrs. Khanum enjoyed when Trump-Kim was dressed up in her debate about her style, choice of colors and the representation of the flag of North Korea and the United States.

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Ahead of the Miss Universe show that will be held next month in Bangkok, we look at five other unique national costumes from Asia that have also been talking about the city:


Miss Universe Japan

Japanese Yuumi Kato will be transformed from a ninja to Sailor Moon. (Photo: Facebook / Miss Univese Japan)

Japanese Yuumi Kato will bring something old and something new to the competition, in the form of her double duty costume that will see her transformation from the female ninja into the anime icon Sailor Moon.

On a video Instagram on Wednesday, Miss Universe Japan showed Miss Kato who reminded her of the traditional red color Kunoichi clothes, before you turn and change into the alter ego of school anime students.

Commenting on her cosplay choices, Miss Kato said this year's costume represents "the new Japanese culture" of the "female warrior Sailor Moon".

National Director Miss Universe Japan said he wanted to have a costume that could "express the Japanese world".


Miss Universe Vietnam

Miss Universe The Vietnamese banff inspired my costume. (Photo: Facebook / H & # 39; Hen Nie)

Although it was not everyone's taste, the clever fashion statement by Miss Universe Vietnam embodies one of the most delicious foods from Southeast Asia.

Exposed Clothes Hen Hennie Nie has a banana skirt, an ubiquitous wine baguette sandwich, surrounded by two "wings" cups.

While designing for many women, Miss Nie stated Viet Nam News as saying: "If you go to the poorest areas of the North and Central Hemisphere or the most beautiful places in HCM (Ho Chi Minh City) and Hanoi, you will find the presence of bread because strangers, when they see banh mi and pho (noodles), will think of Vietnam.

The controversial bumper was chosen for the most popular clothes of six possible choices. Several other possibilities were more formal.


Miss Universe Malaysia

Malaysian creation inspired the traditional Malaysian fishing boat. (Photo: Facebook: Miss Universe Malaysia official)

Having donned her costumes for ours and the Petronas Twin Towers in the past, Malaysia hopes to sail this year through a bid to create an inspired traditional Malaysian fishing boat.

The ensemble is on this year's Instagram and Miss Universe Malaysia Jane Teoh explains that her folk costume is based on bangau perahu from Terenggan.

"It's iconic and rich in Malaysian culture, making it a unique Malaysian. Definitely feels strong, bold and confident that it carries it," she wrote.


Miss Universe Thailand

"Chang" means the elephant in the Tajik language. (Photo: Miss Universe Thailand)

This year's host will perform on stage as "Chang, Siam icon".

The video of Thai beauty queen Ning Sophiba, presenting a suit on November 19, shows a dress of white train developing in the head-shaped elephant cap, along with folding luggage.

Miss Universe Thailand decided on a suits after the competition, which included other creative submissions such as pieces inspired by the Ratchaburi floating market as well as the Thai Songkran festival.

According to the Khaosod news agency, Theo Phasuk, the winner of design, said: "Elephants are a symbol of our nation and have long been with us. Elephants are what foreigners recognize about Thailand."

In 2015, Thailand attracted ridiculing its tuk-tuk costumes, along with work lights. The suit ran in front of other contestants to be named the best national dress in Las Vegas.


Miss Universe Cambodia

Costume is part of UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage Angkor Wat. (Photo: Facebook / Miss Universe Cambodia)

Miss Universe Cambodia Rern Sinat will have the weight of the kingdom on her shoulders.

Named "Kingdom of Wonders," the costume has rich cultural and historical elements, including the head in the form of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Angkor Wat, set in the color of the Cambodian flag.

The Cambodian flag is on the curtains on his arms, and the dress is embellished with a design based on the mysterious smiling faces of Bayon's temple and Romulus, the Cambodian national flower.

"For me, this national suit is more than just a dress, visual and emotional representation of what I am very proud of in Cambodia," said Mrs. Rern Sinat.

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