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Huion reveals his best-selling pencil tablet ever in Cebu

The HS64 SE is designed based on a peacock sign called Chips, which is created by Ciayo Games, renowned baseball players Indonesia, Chips is a yellow pepper that looks like a banana, and it is cute, smart and somewhat ridiculous. The HS64 SE delivers a cheerful image that allows users to free their creativity in a positive state.

on the top of thatThe combination of yellow and black makes the whole product more elegant and creative. In addition to the HS64 SE design, product functionality will also meet customer expectations. The leading reporting rate and pressure sensitivity will surely revive the work created on penciled tablets. The 266PPS report rate provides instant response to any pen movement, so no matter how fast users move the stylus, created lines will always follow closely to the pointer. Pressure Sensitivity Level 8192 allows you to enter lines in different shapes and colors because the pressure on the pen changes. Using a battery-free electromagnetic resonance can even free up the power supply pen and provide flexible working conditions. HS64 SE portability, as well as OS compatibility, will satisfy the expectations of users, as well as now regardless of where they gousers can record their own inspiration in time as while their HS64 SE is connected to their Android phone.

"Customer Demand, User Participation and User-Oriented" is a mantra of Huion that drives the company towards a better future where everyone the users will find theirs an ideal Huion tablet. Realize what Huion's tablet might be, visit

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