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I am an American living in Europe – do not miss these five aspects of American culture

Dear Americans, you're fucked up. Royal.

I'm not an economist of health care and can not tell who's skimming or wasting your health dollars or exactly how, but I'm 100% sure something very, very bad happens with US health care.

How am I so sure? It's not my four-year reliance on a publicly funded National Health Service in the UK. It was wonderful for routine examinations or unusual vaccination before the trip, but I was happy that I did not need it enough to offer a decent comparison with American health care.

What really opened my eyes, moved to Cyprus, which has only a healthy health offering. I was counseled to receive private insurance. We finally decided on a generous policy that covers all non-routine concerns, both here and abroad.

Do you know what we pay as a family of three for this fairly decent coverage on the single market? $ 3,500 a year.

When I had a daughter, I was naturally born in a modern private clinic where I stayed with my wife two nights after our baby arrived. The total cost to the government and my insurance compensated $ 2,300. In the US, the average would be five times more. Our pediatrician was present at birth and then came to our apartment twice to check the baby and helped me start breastfeeding. Total account: 450 USD.

Cyprus is not America and the cost of living is lower. But not so much lower. And no, this is not the center of medical innovations like states. But those numbers are still shocking.

People often wonder if I want to go back to America. The honest answer is that, we often talk about it. But as two freelancers, the crazy cost of health care makes the idea impossible.

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