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Mars simulation center proposed for distant Australia – Xinhua

CANBERRA, Nov 9 (Xinhua) – Experts have called for the construction of a Mars simulation research center in the Australian hinterland.

The Mars Society of Australia on Saturday renewed its attempt to build the center at the South Australian Arkaroola Wildlife Sanctuary, saying it would give researchers a better understanding of how humans can survive on the Red Planet by repeating the future community.

The company has been calling for such developments since 2001, but they say the time is now perfect after the establishment of the Australian Space Agency (ASA) in 2018.

"It will provide us with a wide range of activities that support the vision of human presence on Mars," Jonathan Clarke, president of the Society, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), said on Saturday.

"We can train people for field science and space operations in the area, and we can do education and expansion programs.

"We would do experiments monitoring people's work in remote areas, testing medical procedures and monitoring, and also developing and testing technology like hand tools and robotics."

During an official visit to the United States in September, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced $ 150 million ($ 103 million) in funding to support the planned National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) missions to Mars and the moon.

"Australia has been lagging in the space sector for decades," Clarke said.

"The founding of the Australian Space Agency is a game changer for anyone looking to develop space technology in Australia.

"This makes it possible to seek real funding (analogue research stations) from the commercial and government sectors."

Arcana has been used in the past to test space technology because of its Mars-like terrain.

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