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Parkinson's disease begins in the gut, according to a new study

The new study claims that Parkinson's disease begins in cells that are in the gut and travel to the brain. Researchers looked at mice, and the results were quite significant because they offered a model that could ease the study of the disease to one of the researchers who participated in the study.

It is known that the primary property of Parkinson's disease manifests itself in the form of protein synthesis known as alpha-sinuklein in brain cells. As more molecules appear, they will begin to produce agglomerations that force the nervous tissue to die, leading to large areas of dead brain matter.

As the number of Lewis bodies (dead areas) increases, people will face a range of damage related to ability to move, emotional control or rational thinking.

Parkinson's disease begins in the intestines and then travels to the brain

The new study was based on the findings of the previous study published in 2003. This study states that patients with Parkinson's disease have shown clusters of altered sinusoids in the areas of the central nervous system that tolerate the intestines. Their presence is associated with the appearance of selected early Parkinson's symptoms, among which we can also count constipation. The relationship between the nerves found in the intestines and the brain is compared to the ladder.

One of the critical topics of the study was the ability of the altered protein to travel through the vaginal nerve, which is in the stomach and goes to the brain base. To test their theories, they injected synthetic alpha-sinuklein into the gut of healthy mice. Brain mice were examined in one, three, seven and ten months after injection.

Research results showed that the protein was able to travel through vaginal nerve and brain mice, and there was a strong correlation with the tests aimed at observing the ability of mice to explore the labyrinth box.

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