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Prince William wants Prince Charles to be with her granddaughters More, because she's "brilliant" about it

Here's a piece of British royal family trivia that you may not know: Prince of Wales is an incredible grandfather. Prince William called Prince Charles in a "brilliant" grandfather Prince, son and heir: Charles in the 70s, a new documentary by BBC One that celebrates Charles's 70th birthday. As reported Tonight is funand William and Prince Harry were thinking of how their dad was incredible to want to spend more time with the family.

William said his nearly 70-year-old father would be so big with children that he wanted Charles to have more time for Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louise. And with Harry and Meghan Marklee expecting their first child together next spring, Duke from Sussex would also not mind having a father scheduling more time for the family.

William said in the documentary about Charles,

"I would love to have more time with the kids, and having more time with him at home will be wonderful, and be able, you know, play with the grandchildren, and he's there, he's great, but we need him as much possible. "

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, was also gushed about her husband and her presence around the children, including her five grandchildren,

"He reads Harry Potter and can do all the different voices and I think kids really appreciate it. It will fall on your knees and will crawl over them for hours, you know, create funny sounds and laugh, and my grandchildren worship him, absolutely adore him. "

Can you imagine Charles reading Harry Potter the book series in different voices? Sounds wonderful, stupid and fun, Grandpa. No wonder William wants her three children to get to know her grandfather better.

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Harry also said in a documentary that Charles's work is hard, but he wants his dad to take more time for himself and his family.

"He needs to slow down," Harry said. "This is the man who maimed dinner tonight, and then later that night he goes to his desk and falls on his notes to the place where he wakes up with paper jammed on his face."

Harry continued,

"A man never stops, and when we were children, there were bags, bags, and bags that the office had just sent to him." We could barely get to your desk and say hello to her. "

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Despite the fact that Charles has obviously worked hard (he is the heir to the British throne after all), there is no defeat that greatly loves his grandchildren. During a visit to Genoa in November, Charles said he wanted a better future for his grandchildren. According to Telegraph, Charles attended a meeting on plastic pollution, where he said:

"In fact, I have another granddaughter, I doubt some of you might have grandchildren or soon to come in. It seems to me crazy if we leave this completely polluted, damaged and destroyed world." "All grandchildren deserve a better future."

Also, in the documentary of BBC One, Charles discovered that he had planted trees for George after his first grandson was born in July 2013. While gesturing to a group of trees in the Birkhall Scottish home, Charles shared the sweetly: "This is George's tree, all I really want to plant trees, I hope George will be very fun, because he grows up and grows. "

As William said, Charles really sounds like a "brilliant" grandfather who will, though, greatly influence the lives of his grandchildren.

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