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Snoring, sleep apnea affects the heart function earlier in women

Women who have or have obstructive sleep apnea have had a worse heart rate deterioration compared to men, according to data presented at the North American Radiology Society Scientific Conference and the annual meeting.

"Our analysis has shown that it is in both sexes [obstructive sleep apnea] and the snoring group had an increase in left ventricular mass, which means that the walls of the major cardiac pump chamber increase, which makes the heart a tedious " Adrian Curta, MD, radiology at the Munich University Hospital in Munich. "We also found that men show an increase in the echocardiogram of both ventricles."

The researchers analyzed cardiac MRI data from 4,493 UK Biobank patients who did not have CVD. Patients were categorized by the presence of a disorder: obstructive sleep apnea (n = 38), suicidal snoring (n = 1.919) and no obstructive sleep apnea or snoring (n = 2.536). Other information that has been investigated includes ejection fraction, ventricular volume and LV mass.

Mass LV has increased step by step for both men and women (P <.001). Men also had a gradual increase in stroke volume, LV and right ventricular ejection fraction and LV end diastolic volume (P <.02).

Significant differences are not apparent when patients with obstructive sleep apnea compared with those who have been unchanged. The LV mass was different in the number of hamstring women compared to those who were not affected (beta = 1.45 g; P = .009). This is also apparent in men with LVEF (beta = 0.8%; P = .005), right ventricular fraction of excretion (beta = 1.17%; P <.001), volume of LV stroke (beta = 1.68 mL; P = .027) and right ventricular end systolic volume (beta = 2.41 mL; P = .008).

"Because it's a population-based study, these observations have to be confirmed in dedicated prospective studies," Curta said during the presentation. – from side Darlene Dobkowski


Curta A, et al. SSQ02-09. Presented at: Radiological Society of North America 104. Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting; November 25-30, 2018; Chicago.

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