Sunday , June 20 2021

The case of the robbery falls, but the police are alert


ROBBERY's cases in Cebu City have fallen for almost half of October, data from the Cebu State Police Office (CCPO) show.

Head of CCPO, Senior Sup. Royina Garma said that 11 police stations in the city of Cebu recorded 34 cases, which is lower for 27 cases compared to September, which recorded 61 cases.

But as the holiday approaches, Garma said the police would intensify their patrols and police visibility as statistical cases of robberies are being killed during the Christmas season.

In anticipation of increased crime and after recent cases of robbery in the city, counselor David Tumulak called on the Barangas officials to repair their CCTV to prevent crimes.

Captain Franklin Ong, president of the Barangayan Council (ABC) in Cebu City, supported Tumulak's proposal, but said that not all barricades would afford the cost of installing CCTV cameras.

"I really agree with the Tumulus advisor, because we are talking about the situation of peace and order of our barangayans, but I can not afford barangas to set up CCTV cameras right now and even repair those that do not work," Ong said.

"There are two CCTV modes, one for real-time monitoring, and you have to have a command center with the people who keep it, like in Barangay Apas, another recording without a staff. you need a huge budget for their implementation, "he added.

Ong, instead, suggested that Barangay officials seek private sector assistance as there is a rulebook that obliges business facilities to install CCTV cameras.

"Maybe we could ask for business facilities to not only incorporate CCTV into their property, but also outside, and cameras are also facing the streets. So, when there are crimes reported, we can ask the owner a copy of the footage," he said.

Cebu City Ordinance no. 2381 requires that all business facilities, with annual sales of not less than P5 million, install CCTV cameras around their premises for security reasons.


According to CCPO data, the police Mabolo remains the largest number of robberies, with 11 cases, followed by police in Pari-anu and Talambanu with five and four cases.

Garma said CCPO would provide more equipment and put more police officers on these stations to stop street crime.

He also called Barangadas to engage more studies to serve as the force multipliers in keeping the peace and order of the city.

"Be careful, do not give the robbers the opportunity to attack you." Follow your intuition If you feel you are in danger, go to the police and ask for help, "Garma told the public.

Garma said that the deaths of taxi drivers Victorio Molina in Barangay Tis and the death of Chariot Mae Mancha's death at Barangay Tinago, both robbed before the shooting, showed that the robbers were no longer afraid to kill.

"Tulungan ninyo kami. Do not walk around the city by wearing beautiful jewelers." Wag kayong maglakad on nakasuot ng maraming alahas. Be aware of your surroundings and know the number of police stations in the city, "she said.

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