Thursday , November 14 2019
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The mayor wants GMRC to return to primary education

San Fernando City Mayor Edwin Santiago is committed to bringing back good manners and proper conduct (GMRC) into the elementary education curriculum.

Santiago said reviving GMRCs or value-based items is integral to ensuring that children have a stronger foundation and guiding principle as they grow older.

"I am an advocate of strengthening early childhood care and development to help parents build a stronger foundation for their children, and I believe that this foundation should not only focus on academic learning, but also on teaching the importance of values ​​and human relationships," he said.

If possible, Santiago said the GMRC should be a separate subject that will be taught at least one hour a day, just like any other academic subject, such as English, math or science.

"We must give equal emphasis to this topic because we all know that the GMRC is also essential in the complete success of each individual," he said.

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