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The Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro maintains an updated GT range

The Mercedes-AMG has edited it neatly. While Porsche expected the new 911 to draw most attention to this year's Los Angeles Auto Show, its rival gave the GT range a multitude of tunes to ensure that the 992 does not get everything in its own way.

Changing the change is adding a new election Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro, for those who think the regular GT is not hard enough. If you are that, we would like to explain your thinking.

Although it uses the same 577 hp twin turbo V8 like GT R, had some significant tuning somewhere else. There are standard carbon ceramic brakes, lightweight wrought wheels and redesigned aero, with a large number of carbon fiber extensions. Even the carbon roof.

Keep in mind diving plans embedded in the front divider, the new Gurney rear spoiler clutch and the fresh front-wheel drive, the à la Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Indeed, it's easiest to imagine Pro as the GT3 RS rival, where the regular GT R runs standard GT3.

Pro makes it even more serious, though, with a new coil suspension system which can be adjusted in every way by clicking on its dial (no tool required), while the additional bearings on the rear attachment arms boost their responses in comparison to the regular GT R. There is also a carbon reinforcing plate on the back for more car . Again, we want to meet anyone who thinks the GT R is too soft.

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They are probably the kind that will speculate on the GT R Pro optional package of songs without instant hesitation, which brings a cage, armored quadruple and a fire extinguisher. At this point we should mention the inevitable Nordschleife time, GT R Pro for 7 minutes 4.32 seconds. That means it is about 6 seconds faster than the regular GT R, though another 8 seconds from the GT3 RS.

The GT R Pro comes at the same time as a facelift for the rest of the GT range. The upgrading power of the last update remains, which means that it ranges from 469 hp to GT GT 577 to GT R, over 515 hp GT and 549 hp GT, with most changes that are visible from the inside.

Most of these come from the newly launched four-door AMG GT, with a full-duplex dual display 12-inch instrument cluster with 10-inch central media display, giving GT the same screen surface as more luxuriously-targeted brands such as the S-Class.

You can talk to the information given to you, with the AMG-exclusive Supersport & # 39; a setting that provides more performance-minded things like g-force displays. The keys on both sides of the gear selector also come from the four-door GT doors, each having its own TFT display that changes while you are driving through your work modes. The way they are laid, as in the old, less technical GT, is said to mimic the shape of the V8 engine that sits in front of you.

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The new steering wheel receives additional alcantars and "galvanized transmission gears", which should bring a sharper response and maintain even lower TFT goodness via the control counter of the drive to the lower right of the center.

In the meantime, AMG Track Pace is an optional telematics system that, when you take GT on the track, records over 80 pieces of data 10 times per second. Behind the speed, acceleration, g-force, and different temperatures, we can not even begin to think about all the rest of the data.

It also records every lap time and green or red will blink to alert you if you are faster or slower than the previous round. This undoubtedly contradicts the rules on any police policing policy, which will only lead us to mortals. Merc has already reported the Nürburgring and Spa schedule at Track Pace, and you can also enter your circles. Your changing nightmare is unlikely or advised.

Further escorting skills come with a clever new stability control system that predicts the car's response and is said to be extremely subtle in order to save your bacon and boost your ego. "Even experienced drivers get optimal help without feeling the patronage of the system," Merc promises. Bet a lot of them will still be off.

Luminous lips, sleek cavities and a new selection of lumbar wheels point to the usual coat surfaces, and for the first time offer additional colors and the possibility of double leather interiors. There is no price yet, but a somewhat subtle increase is expected in the current range, where GT costs around 102,000 pounds (P6.83 million) and GT R starts at 145,000 pounds (P9.7 million). Expect the GT R Pro to top 150,000 pounds (P10 million).

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Like what you see? Or are you still thinking about the new 911?

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