Friday , August 6 2021

The official beta version of Apple Watch Spotify – Tech News is now available

As Reddit EdmundFitzgerald29 noted, the latest build of TestFligh includes the Apple Companion App for Apple Watch for Apple Watch.

When EdmundFitzgerald29 updated TestFlight – a service designed for developers to share and query their mobile applications before they officially release them in the app store – January 3rd, Reddit has noticed the beta version of the official App Spotify Apple Watch platform that started.

In addition to sharing a few screenshots of the app's screen, he said "it's just now restricted to playback control on the phone" … and that's it. No extraneous support or anything else.

Last year, the unofficial Spotify application named Spotty – later changed to Snowy – was also available at TestFlight. This app, which was never released, has had offline playback, which leaves a new beta application that looks a bit confusing.

With an official Apple version, Snowy will probably never release it. Users will simply have to wait for updates to this version; Since this is only a beta version, the final release may have more to offer. – AFP Relaxnews

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