Saturday , June 19 2021

The sign of the accident? Filipino villagers in fear of the birth of bizarre semi-human half-pigs

"Nobody knows what it is, but it's not a goat, it's scary. We wonder why this has happened and if it's bad luck," Repique said.

Daily Mail reports that Dr. Agapita Salces from the Institute of Animal Science at the University of the Philippines considers that a rare case stems from a genetic mutation in the mother's womb.

He says it would be possible to contract a "disease called Rift Valley fever from mosquito bites and this has caused a weaker child development".

According to the World Health Organization, Rift Valley Fever (RVF) is a viral zoonosis that greatly affects the animals, but also has the ability to infect people.

It is also stated that RVF transmissions to humans result from direct or indirect contact with the blood of infected animals or during slaughter, by assisting animals or veterinary procedures.

In its latest case, five people have allegedly died after being infected with RVF in Kenya after the outbreak of more than 200 people killed in 2006.


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