Wednesday , June 23 2021

17 million copies of Red Dead Redemption 2 were sold in stores

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In the first eight days after the premiere, more copies of the Red Dead Redemption II hit the trade since the previous training eight years. World marketers have already received 17 million pieces of the latest Rockstar studio game.

Since Red Dead Redemption II will last only two weeks, we can recognize this title as a great success. The latest processing of the popular Rockstar Cowboy cycle has not only captured the hearts of journalists in the industry, but also the best weekend in the history of entertainment, earning $ 725 million in it and a few more successes. Yesterday, the Take-Two, owner of Rockstar, released a financial report, boasting of further production achievements. As we can learn from it, up to 17 million copies were available yesterday in store shelves around the world Red Dead Redemption II (do not forget that this does not mean that so many players, just about art sent to sellers). This has far exceeded the expectations of the corporation.

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the results Red Dead Redemption II it becomes even more impressive when compared to those achieved in the previous section, which is also larger on two platforms (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) and can boast a similar average rating on Metacritic (ninth score only). The Take-Two company announced that in eight days it sold more than eight copies of the latest Rockstar production, first, to sellers. Red Dead Redemption eight years (in early 2017 we learned that about 15 million items of this title are attached to the store).

These achievements, combined with large quantities generated by other productions from the Take-Two catalog, squeeze the company's water to increase its financial forecasts for the fiscal year 2019. It's a record for many reasons. However, it is hard to be surprised by this optimism. We must remember that in the future will be the premier Red Dead Online, which will undoubtedly bring additional profit. Beta version of the network module Red Dead Redemption II debuted at the end of the current month, which will be confirmed by President Take-Two Strauss Zelnick in a conversation with investors (through VG24 / 7). Interestingly, during the same discussion, it was released to Red Dead Onlinewhich is mostly focused on the story, you can play solo without obstacles.

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