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"A farmer is looking for a woman." The attendant marries a woman! "Love does not choose"


The rules of the "Woman Seeking Farmer" program are quite clear. Lone farmers invite partner candidates to their farms. After a closer look, gentlemen choose the one they agree with best. It is true that not everyone was able to find love in the program, but the fate of the heroes is still interesting to the viewers.

"A farmer is looking for a woman." Another wedding, but this time gay

In the second issue of "Rolinik …", Krystyna of Belarus fought for Robert's love. The farmer, however, connected with Agnieszko, with whom he started a family. It turns out that Krystyna is also not an individual woman and she has long established a happy relationship with a woman.

Looks like the ladies are good enough that they decided to get married. Krystyna recently boasted a ring on her finger.

I can't wait for the day I can put it on and never take it off again – she wrote below the photo.

As you might guess, the reactions of internet users are mixed. From pleasure to misunderstanding. One of Krystyne's onlookers decided to ask her why she was looking for her husband on TV, since she was a lesbian. The woman replied.

After the program, I learned that love does not choose, neither gender nor age – she explained.

It is not yet known when Krystyna and her fiancee will stand on the wedding carpet. The ladies said that the wedding would be held in Edinburgh and the wedding in Warsaw. Now congratulations to them and wish them lots of love!

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