Saturday , January 16 2021

A Million of folding Samsung smartphones to get started. Perhaps there will be a new series of "average people"

A few days ago, Samsung opened up a secret about its folded smartphone. However, before it can be purchased, it will take some time. The Koreans, however, announce that at least at first the device will be manufactured in a million copies. They also have plans for their mid-range devices.

Today, millions of copies do not seem to impress anyone. No wonder the Koreans can not know how flexible smartphones will come to the market, This may affect, among other things, the price we still do not know, but we can expect this device to be cheaper.

Of course, it is not necessary that, despite good sales, Samsung will decide increase production, This is announced by DJ Koha. Head Samsung also admits that even in a situation where Galaxy F does not win the hearts of users, the very fact that it will develop will be a great experience for the company in the future.

The Koreans, however, are not only concerned with their most prominent, most expensive and contemporary devices. There are reports that the company plans to change in the field of equipment with the so-called medium shelf. There will appear there a new line of devices marked with the letter M.

This would mean welcoming previous Samsung's average players – J, C and He series. We should be interested in the first thing that, although it does not break the best price / quality ratio, has become very popular in our country.

However, there is no guarantee that we will experience a new series in our country. There is something to be sure of, for example, the code names of new devices – SM-M205F and SM-M305F (Galaxy M20 and M30)We only know that they will be available in two versions of the internal memory – 32/64 GB and 64/128 GB, depending on the market, in one or two SIM card slots.

However, we can not rule out that change will affect only certain markets. Similar reports appeared at the beginning of model P30, which officially appeared as A6.

Source: Arena Phone, Sammobile

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