Saturday , February 27 2021

A tragic accident in Sarnów. The car hit three women, two were killed on the spot. Road DK 86 blocked [ZDJĘCIA]

A tragic accident in Sarnów. The car hit three women. knows that those who were captured died on the spot

The incident happened on Saturday, November 10 at approx. 17:25 in Sarnów, DK 86, on the way to Czestochowa.

Three women, most likely from abroad, went through an illuminated, marked pedestrian crossing. He was hit by a 36-year-old from Zawiercie who drives a Hyundai Tucson car. Two women were killed on the spot, and the third one still hit the Volkswagen Passat – she was in serious condition at the hospital.

Disappeared women come from overseas – they are of Asian origin, one of Ukraine.

One of the victims has already been identified – a 46-year-old Ukrainian.

The road to Częstochowa is blocked, current activities at the site. There are organized tours around the Green Zone.

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