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Anna Mucha and Cuba Wojewódzki together again? We have evidence!

Anna Mucha, 39, posted a photo with InstaStory with her ex-boyfriend, who turns out to be Cuba Wojewódzki (56)! Fans immediately started to wonder if this is how the actress wants to let them know that she is in a relationship with the TVN king again?

Several months ago, reports emerged that Anna Mucha had parted ways with her longtime partner Marcel. The couple had been together for ten years and had two children.

However, the actress never wanted to comment on the matter, because as she points out in every interview, she tries to protect her private life for the benefit of the children.

Recently, the star decided to do a crazy thing and put her life in the hands of fans. Verbatim! Mucha informed devotees at InstaStor that her ex had invited her to a meeting.

The star asked observers to vote and decide for her whether or not to meet old love.

As you can hardly guess, idols were advised by fans to go on a date. It happened.

A few hours later, Anna Mucha posted a photo with her ex-mistress. However, probably no one thought it would be Cuba Wojewódzki!

The actress added an eloquent description to the photo and referred to the saying "old love doesn't rust" while asking commenters not use the term "old" because there are certain things in life that are not rusty. With this confession, the actress added oil to the fire.

With this comment, did Mucha confirm that she and King TVN are dating again?

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