Wednesday , June 23 2021

Ban on Sundays. PiS introduces changes. the frog will no longer be mailed

Sunday's trading ban will be sharpened. We still do not know the contents of the account, but the deputies repeat the secret. It is well known that trading in stores that are at the same time postal points is limited.

– The draft amendment is intended to prevent the Żabki stores from converting to post – PiS MP Janusz Śniadek, who is the applicant's representative, said. In the current law on trade ban on Sundays and Holidays, one of the exceptions that are not included in the ban is post office.

"There is indeed a situation in which some employers have over-interpreted, and excessive interpretation is not in line with the legislator's intent, we are talking about the use of provisions relating to postal offices," Elzbieta Rafalska said in October at Radio Jedynki.

It is important to recall that many Żabka shops have been performing postal jobs for several years long before the trading ban on Sunday. On the other hand, the vast majority of Poczta Polska's office was closed on Sunday.

Sunday trading ban. What else will change?

MP Śniadek stated that the next amendment should cause the owner, as well as his family, not to be able to sell on trading days. As the representative pointed out, the draft also introduces several amendments that detail the previous definitions.

The Occupancy Bailout Act foresees a 32-exclusion list on Sunday. The prohibition does not apply, among other things, to pastry shops, ice cream, liquid gas stations, florists, printing shops, post offices.
To ban the ban on Sunday, there is a penalty of 1 thousand. PLN up to 100 thousand PLN, and with the constant abolition of the law – the limitation of freedom.

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We spend more money on Sunday trading bans!

When is the end of the ban on Sunday trading?

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