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Barbara Kurdej-Satan has announced a cease of cooperation with TVP :: Magazyn :: RMF FM

For several years Barbara Kurdej-Satan hosted the TVP program. Unfortunately, the media have recently announced information that television has decided to stop this collaboration. Basia will issue a statement and issue backstage

There have been a lot of media coverage about Barbara Kurdish-Satan, who has remained without work on TVP all day. The host I love in Poland, Voice of Poland, The Voice Kids and Dance Dance Dance was considered a showroom, so everyone was surprised why the station decided to stop working with her. Basia decided to close this chapter and issued a statement in which she thanked her colleagues and did not thank the employer for a rather bland forgiveness.

Since everything is known … a few words from me were beautiful years! Keeping all these bomber programs – I love you in Poland, Voice of Poland, Voice of Children, Dance Dance – was a great joy to me, fulfillment, extraordinary experience. I was maximally involved, I gave as much as I could! I lived with the participants, tried to cheer, I was happy with them, and I was worried about them. And I've come across everything very seriously and professionally at the same time. I would very much like to thank you: Rinke Royens – you've always believed in me and you still believe me and believe me! Tomuś @ tomaszkammel for all the words of support, help, and unusual openness of Sibi – I loved your voice in the director phone and our crazy greetings and save – when there was a need for Majaczek @pocolanamis for beautiful scenarios and great characterological meaning !!! And for the additions to various funny situations … Maciusha @maciejmusial_official for the common flow, joy and professionalism and in general – so cool and normal and dignified and specific and with the sense of humor and distance !!! For me, the most valuable thing – as Rinke said – we created TIM! it was great !!!! I accept the whole team! Thank you very much for your kind words, comments, smiles and good reception for TVP's authorities that despite my political disbelief (I always thought I needed to live in accordance with your conscience), you were convinced by the producers and directors for a few years they wanted to work with me and allow me to continue my job. However, I do not thank you for forgiving me. Probably after several years of running so many programs and as one of the "faces of TVP" – as I was defined – it was possible to do it in a more elegant way than an informative phone made by a colleague from the production. It's hard. Anyway – it was great! my divine heir and friend Ida @idavictoria (do I read it?) I want the best impressions and moments! cool is another art soul taking over the stick and going to take me away? Something is over … something begins – wrote the Kurdish-Satan

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