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Bogusław Linda and Lidia Popiel: Daughter Becomes a Star

Alexandra Linda (27) has an appetite for a career in show business.

A few days ago, the premiere of the short film "The Witch" took place in Kozienice. The movie role also includes a beautiful, tall girl – Alexandra Linda. It's hard to judge whether she resembles that famous dad – Bogusław or a famous mother – of photographer Lydia Popiel, because she inherited her beauty and talent from both of them.

– She played great and the role was not easy. It is a cinema of moral anguish where tension builds the actor. Alex knew very well how to do this – says filmmaker Katarzyna Jungowska, daughter of Grażyn Szapołowska, who played the protagonist of this story. Will the American Dream come true?

This is not a Alexander Alexander movie performance. She recently played an episode in the third part of "Psi" by Władysława Pasikowski. She worked with her father on the set.

This means only one thing – the parents, and above all, Bogusław Linda, finally said that they had accepted their daughter's life choices. Until recently, when her father heard about her acting plans, he was not happy.

Moreover, it was even a bitter conflict. Dad was worried because he knew how exhausting and thankless the profession could be. He wanted his beloved only child to have a more peaceful interest. Now, though, he's changed his mind.

– And rightly so, Ola has great potential. We are open to further cooperation – said Robert Ziółek, producer of "The Witch."

When the girl was still in high school, she moved to Krakow. There she studied acting and designing clothes. When she returned to the capital, she tried modeling and went to castings.

Alexander's big dream is studying at the Lee Strasberg American Studio, where, for example, Marlin Monroe, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino have acquired their skills. A few more such roles and she will make money on her plans!

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