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Commodore 64 is back. Remake of computer icons will go to stores later this year

The Commodore 64 was sold in such a large extent, among other things, a wild marketing strategy. The C64 model would be mainly intended for gamers, thanks to which Commodore became the most popular computer in history.

The C64 or remake of Commodore 64 computers for sale since December this year

This model has exceptionally good technical parameters, especially when it comes to graphics and sound. Unfortunately, despite the introduction of subsequent improvements, the popularity of Commodore 64 decreased significantly by the end of 1980. According to statistics, the company sells 17 to 25 million copies of this computer, which was considered to be the official Guinness record.

According to CNN, Retro Games this week is working on a veritable computer version that will appear on the market under the name TheC64. Compared to the previous 64-bit Commodore mini replica, the computer will have a penkeys and a classic joystick with switch switches that will allow you to play Speedball or Cyberdyne Warrior.

The C64 will be available for sale early December this year. Pre-sale has already been launched in Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. The computer will probably have to pay $ 199.99. According to producer statements, 64 games from the 80s will be installed on a computer such as Monty on the Run, Destroyer, California Games, Impossible Mission 1 and 2. In addition, the rebuilt Commodore will be equipped with a USB so you can read the games recorded on the drive "a.

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