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Cuba Wojewdzki will ask Radosav Kotarski about the midlife crisis. The journalist answered honestly

The 19th season of the Cuba Wojewódzki program has recently begun. This time, for the first time, the presenter invited journalist and entrepreneur Radosław Kotarski to his program. The conversation was not only about professional life, but also the private sphere.

Anna Mucha and Cuba WojewódzkiCuba Wojewódzki in the photo with Anna Mucha. “Just before my first Jeep trip to Africa”

Radosław Kotarski appeared in the Cuba Wojewódzki program. He spoke honestly about the midlife crisis

Cuba asked Radosław if he had already been hit by the midlife crisis. The entrepreneur denied this at first, but then admitted he hesitated a bit.

You mean okay, I don’t have to do things, so I don’t do them and I don’t see the point anymore because everything is so bad, I’m going to die in a moment. And if you ask for such a moment, I had it, admitted Radosław Kotarski.

Cuba Wojewódzki has weaknesses towards carsWojewódzki showed what he used to drive. “A car that motorized the Polish dressage shop”

This answer surprised even Cuba Wojewódzki, so the journalist hurried to explain. He admitted that the crisis caused him many doubts.

I’ve been through a few years already, maybe not very much, but you know you had a bit of a crisis in your existence back then. Does it matter what you do? Is anyone needed at all? Do you need that? he added after a moment.

Cuba Wojewódzki and Radosław Kotarski also discussed cars and marketing. Viewers also learned what exactly Radosław Kotarski is doing. The entrepreneur is, among other things, a publisher, runs his program on the Internet and records a podcast with David Podsiadll.

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