Death on a canoe trip on the river Skawa. The 46-year-old participant died

A dozen people took part in Saturday’s kayak trip. According to Gazeta Wyborcza, the three canoes were caught against each other and the people in them fell into the water.

Almost all managed to reach the shore. The 46-year-old was abducted by a strong current which, according to preliminary information, he should have tried to get his things out of the canoe.

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Canoe tragedy. The 46-year-old is dead

“At 12:30 we were ordered to search the Skawa River. We received information in the report that a man had fallen out of a canoe. A lot of forces and resources from our commune went to the place. The search was further complicated by the overgrown river banks,” the Voluntary Fire Brigade said. in Radoczy. The firefighters added that the 46-year-old was found by the volunteer fire brigade Woźniki.

“Our unit found a kayak and a life jacket floating on the surface of the water. Unfortunately, despite resuscitation, the medical rescue team that arrived at the scene declared him dead,” the Radocza Volunteer Fire Department reported.

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