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Deposits make no profit – Poles buy bonds – Business

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The offer of government savings bonds always arouses the interest of domestic savers. A total of PLN 1.5 billion worth of savings bonds were sold in July.

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The Ministry of Finance reported that four-year bonds were the most popular. Individual buyers earmarked PLN 568,7 million for their purchase (36% share in the sales structure). Such results of the sale of four-year securities should come as no surprise – they have a variable interest rate, depending on inflation, and we are just witnessing a clear increase in the prices of goods and services.

Quarterly (31%) and biennial (21%) bonds were also popular. At that time, savers chose 10-year (10%) and 3-year (1%) bonds. PLN 5.7 million has been allocated for the purchase of Rodins 500 plus family bonds. Family connections are only addressed to those receiving Family 500 plus benefits who want to save for their children's future needs. Program users can purchase this type of bond up to the amount of parental allowance. Family bonds are available for resale, so you can buy them at any time.

– July is the second consecutive month in which the sale of government bonds with government savings has exceeded PLN 1.5 billion. The most popular were four-year bonds, which secured savings from inflation – their sales exceeded PLN 0.5 billion. Interest in family bonds has also increased, enabling Rodzina 500 plus users to save money for future needs under very favorable conditions. We see a clear shift in demand towards longer maturity bonds relative to the average sales structure recorded in 2018. Total demand is also rising. Since the beginning of the year, buyers have earmarked more than PLN 8.6 billion for the purchase of bonds, ie over 25% more than in the corresponding period of the previous year – comments Piotr Nowak, State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance.

It is worth paying attention to the opinions of analysts who explain the popularity of sovereign securities with their relatively greater attractiveness compared to bank deposits. Interest on government securities is slightly higher, so buying them is very easy online.


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