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Dmitry Głuchowski criticizes the contract of Metro Exodus publisher from Epic Games Store

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Author of Metro series books, Dmitry Głuchowski, criticized Instagram's decision to temporarily exclude the sale of the Metro Exodus game at Epic Games Store. So he joined the fans' voice that were deeply disappointed with the situation and, as part of the protest, posted negative reviews of the two previous sections of the Meter at Steam.

On Monday, the news that the PC version of Metro Exodus will be available only temporarily in the Epic Games Store. This information surprised the players, the more we take into account the fact that production was successfully available for pre-sale at Steam. The title of the Deep Silver, Epic Games, is the next chapter in the struggle for securing the majority of the digital distribution market dominated by Valve. Dmitry Głuchowski, who is famous for fans who express disapproval of the situation, szczeroœci the author of books on which the canvas was based on all the games from Metro.

This acute response from Głuchowsky disappeared from Instagram - Dmitry Głuchowski criticizes the contract of Metro Exodus from the Epic Games Store - 2019-01-30

This fierce response from Gshuchowski disappeared from Instagram

On the official site profile Instagramwho informed about withdrawing the game from Steam, Głuchowski strongly responded to a fan's statement that the author killed his own brand with developers:

Not me. Just stand by and watch the brand being killed.

Second place also added:

I'm not responsible for publishing business decisions, but just my part – I've invented new worlds.

Interestingly, the author's first comment quickly disappeared from the page, but the users retained it Reddit. Głuchowski seems to have changed a bit, because in response to the claim that the Epic Games Store's exclusivity contract was a mistake, he wrote:

Why? I think Epic will do all he can to help. I also did not get the impression that Steam would be particularly concerned about the situation.

It is important to note that although Głuchowski was not so involved in production Metro Exodus, the title represents a brand that has been built all the time. Moreover, the author also participated in the promotional campaign of the game. Strong phrases such as "I see the brand being killed" might have been too sharp after thinking. In any case, it seems the writer is certainly aware of the problems that will cause exclusivity to sell Subway Exodus at Epic Games Store, especially in his homeland. The Russian version of Steam traditionally offers lower prices for residents of the region, while the Epic Games store completely ignores the differences in earnings in different countries. This is likely to turn into an extremely low sale game behind our eastern border and increase the level of its piracy.

Dmitry Głuchowski - Dmitry Głuchowski Criticizes Contracts by Metro Exodus from Epic Games Store - News - 2019-01-30

Dmitry Głuchowski

In the meantime, players start loudly expressing their dissatisfaction, not just in forums and social networks, but in the way it is known to some publishers – by publishing negative ratings on Steam. Currently, fans attack previous series titles in an organized manner. It is about metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux, in the hope that Deep Silver will consider its decision. It is unlikely that this will happen. Although deliberately lowering the ratings of games that have nothing to do with current controversies, this is not logical, players are pushed to the wall and is currently the only noticeable method of showing their anger.

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