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Epic Games Store: Dauntless joins the group of exclusive titles / CD-Action

If you want to hunt lizards on your computer, you will need an Epic Games Store client.

Dauntless is a network of Phoenix Labs, which soon became known as the "Monster Hunter Racer". Several problems with the start of beta testing they have not been scared by publishers and for several months players can hunt Behemoth and there are even plans console version, The Official Prime Minister has been announced for April this year. If you were going to buy a steam game, hide your wallets. The title will only go to the Epic Games Store.

As creators explain, switching from a private client will be painless. After relocating all accounts to Epica's store, the buyer will be closed and interrupted, but the players will keep advancing in the game. If you want to continue playing and you do not have an account with Fortune Developers, you need to set up a new one and associate your virtual profiles. Phoenix explains that partnership with Epic Games will enable players to experience professional gaming across platforms and improve contact with creators, for example through participation in Support-A-Creator. HERE you will find some information.

It is important to recall that Dauntless is not the only exclusive title in the Epica store offering. It has been difficult to publish Metro Exodus for a year this will be the exclusive title for the Games Shop, and the bosses have already talked about the situation THQ Nordicand the author of the space book Metro – Dmitry Głuchowski.

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