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F1: Grand Prix of Austria. Another punishment for George Russell. The Williams driver will start the pit

George Russell will ride from pit-lane for the Austrian Grand Prix race. This is the result of replacing the front wing with a British car. The 21-year-old would damage them during Saturday's qualifying.

Asukasz Kuczera

Asukasz Kuczera

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In the picture: George Russell on the trail

After Saturday, George Russell was sentenced with three moves at the start of the Austrian Grand Prix (read more about HERE), The Williams driver was supposed to set up on the 18th. In the end, however, it will be moved to the pit race.

On Saturday night, Williams examined the Russell's car thoroughly and showed that the fringe damaged the front wing as a result of Russell's curvature. The team was forced to replace them, and since they no longer had the element with the same specification, it resulted in a new sentence.

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Russell got a new front wing, but it differs from what he had in his qualification. That's why they will have to get off the pit-lanes.

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Meanwhile, Robert Kubica will be placed on the 17th.

Recall that Poljak also had the opportunity to move to the race this year. It was in Azerbaijan. At that time Williams had quickly thrown Kubica out of the garage, resulting in the punishment of a 34-year-old. Baku's experience will enable Russell to avoid such a situation.

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Startup setup:
1. Charles Leclerc
2. Max
3. Valtteri Bottas
4. Lewis Hamilton *
5. Lando Norris
6. Kimi Räikkönen
Antonio Giovinazzi
Pierre Gasly
9. Sebastian Vettel
10. Kevin Magnussen **
11. Romain Grosjean
12. Daniel Ricciardo
13. Sergio Perez
14. Lance Stroll
15. Nico Hulkenberg ***
16. Danii Kwiat
17. Robert Kubica
18. Alexander Albon ***
19. Carlos Sainz ***

Start with pit-lane:
George Russell ****

* – irresponsible driving
** – change of transmission
*** – replacement of engine parts
**** – Non-standard replacement of one of the car's elements

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