Saturday , September 18 2021

For believers, a pandemic is a God-sent experience

Fr. prof. Mirosław Kalinowski emphasizes in the letter that the true resurrection “begins on earth”, and it is not only a harbinger of overcoming physical death and reviving the human body, but also brings hope for “overcoming spiritual death and living completely close to God”. The rector of the Catholic University of Lublin also mentioned the coronavirus pandemic that has been going on for a year.

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Fr. prof. Mirosław Kalinowski: For believers, a pandemic is an experience sent by God

“Resurrection is again a joyful beginning without looking back; it is an opportunity to show love where it was lacking before and to show that it is a matter of real life. In that spirit one should live in a time of pandemic. For believers it is not meaningless, accidental and deadly an event, but an experience sent by God, so that we can be resurrected to our full humanity every day “- we read in a letter from the Chancellor of the University of Lublin.

According to Kalinowski, every epidemic “must be overcome not only at the level of the fight against physical diseases”, but above all at the level of concern for maintaining a healthy mind.

“Physical death is inevitable and affects both good and bad people. However, there is a much worse kind of death that man can stop. It is a death that affects the soul itself and consists in separation from God as a result of sin committed” – the rector points out. KUL. He points out that there is another type of death associated with spiritual death, which – paradoxically – “should be most desired”.

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“Sin is death […]that is, to cut off from the cause of human destruction. In order to save the soul, he must kill evil in himself, and these are darkness, stupidity and nothingness, that is, the negation of God’s being, which is light, wisdom and eternal existence. […]. Unbelievers also see the point of avoiding injustice in relationships with others. They are trying to do good, convinced that it will remain in the memory of their descendants for generations and will become a substitute for their further life “- writes Kalinowski.

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