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Formula 1. Nicholas Latifi will replace Robert Kubica in training before the GP in Mexico

This weekend, the Formula One circuit will arrive in Mexico. Robert Kubica will not attend the first training session at the Hermanos Rodriguez Autodrome. The regiment will give the car to Williams Reserve Officer Nicholas Latifi.

"I had the opportunity to ride this track over 10 years ago," Kubica said on Williams' official website. The facility has been modernized and the layout has been changed so it will be a new experience for the Poles. "This is a unique place because we race at high altitudes, so the pressure level is much lower due to the density of the air. I give my car to Nicholas in the first workout. I will have to quickly learn the course during the second workout," Kubica added.

Latifi is trying to become a full-time Williams race driver next season instead of the Poles ending his partnership with the Grove stable. Much will depend on how the Canadian presents himself in training. In Mexico, it will replace the Cubic, and in the US it will sit behind the wheel of George Russell's car. Latifi recently participated in training during the Grand Prix of Belgium.

"It's been a long time and I'm getting more excited. Last year, I had the opportunity to drive a car in Mexico, so I know what to expect. This is a unique track because of its location. As always, my goals are the same – a clean session and the help of a team in get the car ready for another session, ”Latifi said.

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"I think the weekend in Mexico will be difficult for everyone. It's about the location of the track and the heat. I've never driven this facility. I'm looking forward to this challenge," Russell said.

"At this altitude (2000 m altitude – ed.) Aerodynamics become less efficient, despite long straight lines. Cooling the powertrain and brakes can be very difficult. During the first training session, most teams will test various options associated with it," he noted. senior Williams driving engineer Dave Robson.

"Following the introduction of the new front wing concept on Suzuki, on Friday we will focus on completing further tests and gathering data. This weekend Nicholas Latifi will drive Robert's car and in Austin he will take George's car. Every time Nicholas has done his job well, we are waiting about his impressions of the latest updates, "Robson added.

Four races remain until the end of the F1 season. Williams has only scored one point so far, which was the work of Cuba during the German Grand Prix. For the sixth time in a row, he secured the title of world constructor champion Mercedes. Everything seems to indicate that this team will also triumph among drivers. Lewis Hamilton is the leader in the general classification.


25.10 (Friday)
5pm – first training session
9.00 pm – Second training session

26.10. (Saturday)
5pm – third training session
20.00 – Qualification

27.10 (Sunday)
20.10 – Race

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