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Fuel prices. Analysts: We can expect minimal increases


Increasing prices of gasoline in the wholesale market may lead to higher prices of this fuel in retail – analysts predict BM Reflex. E-petrol experts also predict that you can expect cell growth in the coming week.

"In addition to the symbolic changes in gasoline and diesel prices at certain facilities, fuel prices have been stable since mid-October. On average, we also pay for fuel (except for LPG) last week as last week. 95 unleaded gasoline costs PLN 4.92 / l. unleaded 98 – 5.24 PLN / l, diesel – 4.94 PLN / l, and gas 2.01 PLN / l So all fuel prices at the stations are lower than a year ago. , unleaded 98 – 15 gr, diesel – 36 grams, and for a liter of autogas 55 gr "- experts BM Reflex.

Will there be an increase?

"In light of the observed changes in the prices of all fuels, price increases for autogas are clearly visible, rising by an average of 4 grosers per liter this week. An increase in prices above 2 PLN / l means that the gas is the most expensive since mid-August. they were changing – we read in the comment.

"The rise in gasoline prices from the wholesale market indicates that retail prices may increase, but they will occur when wholesale prices remain at their current level or rise. Otherwise, station prices will remain unchanged," analysts predict.

Minimal increase

In turn, e-petrol experts say "for almost a month, Polish retail prices remain unchanged, both in the case of gasoline and diesel. This happens even with relatively low margins on diesel," they write.

"Some excuse for the lack of price adjustments at stations may be low volatility in oil prices on the London Stock Exchange, but an increase in wholesale prices is likely to be a" plus "impulse for some domestic stations," the e-petrol explained.

Analysts' forecasts for e-petrol.pl say that between November 11 and 17, we can expect a "minimal increase in retail prices at our stations".

"98 octane gasoline can cost 5.23-5.34 PLN / l. For Pb95 gasoline, the average price will be 4.90-5.01 PLN / l. For diesel prices, a change in growth is expected which will put prices in the range 4.92-5.01 PLN / liter. A clear upward change may apply to autogas, which will cost 1.98-2.03 PLN / liter, "experts predict.

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