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Gdask: Lech Kaczyski, however, replaces Dbrowszczakw – the NSA ruling – Ustry and jurisdiction

The opinion of the National PMA Institute is not wicka when I change street names. However, this process can not be limited to the symbols of regimes such as Stalin or Lenin.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Administrative Court ruled on further issues that cause great emotion in de-communion street names. There were 13 cases in the wake. Pomeranian and Greater Poland Voivodeships – from cassava appeals voivods. In several courts, he will confirm Gdask's position and return the complaints. Spr among others however, two Gdaskova streets will lose.

First and foremost, provincial governors should be replaced.

In December 2017, the Pomeranian Voivode transformed, among others, Dbrowszczakw, President of Lech Kaczyński, Wincenty Pstrowski for Henryk Lenartaak and Marian Buczek for Jan Styp-Rekowski.

The justifications are based on the so-called, from September 2, 2016. acts to ban the propagation of communism. By the name, vibrations, streets, bridges and squares that give local government units can not encourage people, organizations, events or dates that symbolize communism or another totalitarian offensive or otherwise propagate it. Naoya Law on Obligations of Municipal Government to Change Names Within 12 Months.

In the event that municipalities do not fulfill this obligation, the provincial governor issues a substitute order, giving the name in accordance with the law. This right will be used, among others, in the three described cases. It is based on the opinions of IPN.

Gdaskova's parents know that the governor has met this task with his advice and entrusted it to the Provincial Administrative Court. Gdask WSA will take into account his complaints. He will admit that, in order to talk about the symbols of communism and its propagation, street sponsors (or names from the date) should be linked to residents or members of the municipal community with an explicitly totalitarian system.

On Tuesday, the NSA will confirm that IPN's opinion is not a vague character in the street de-communion process. Social meaning, common feelings, familiar to a particular community. However, the act can not be limited to prominent "communist times, such as Stalin". According to the Supreme Administrative Court, this group includes Dbrowszczakw and Marian Buczek. NSA Barbara Adamiak, it is difficult to find out who those names do not associate with communism.

Otherwise, the NSA approached the re-evaluation of Wincent Pstrowski's street, a socialist symbol of market competition. He will understand that the pattern of working ethos, although for years marked by exploitation, can not be considered propagation communism.

Verdicts are valid. ?

Ref. Act II of OSK 1821/18, OSCE 1824/18

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