Wednesday , March 3 2021

Got talent: sick Ola Petrus brutally humiliated online. Crying, she said goodbye to her fans

Ola Petrus, a semi-finalist of “Mam Talent” who suffers from achondroplasia, is fed up with hatred. The 122-cm permanent girl posted a desperate post in which she announced she was disappearing from social media.

Hello Petrus participated in the program “Mam Talent”, in which she won the hearts of viewers and reached the semifinals. The 34-year-old from Warsaw was born with achondroplasia, a genetic disease that causes short stature. Ola is 122 cm tall. However, she decided not to treat it as a handicap and turned it into an advantage.

– I use it while telling jokes, but mostly I am a comedian and I want it to be decent material as befits a comedian. I don’t want a discount – she said in the “Got Talent” program.

Ola made her stand-up debut in 2010, but only five years later did she feel ready to perform on stage. She traveled around Poland and supported famous comedians. Finally, in 2016, she presented her first complete program, giving a performance in her hometown of Szczecin. Thanks to “Mam Talent”, the whole of Poland met her. Ola soon became a popular comic, whose performances attracted many.

The “Mam Talent” finalist had a serious accident and was in a coma. They are still fighting for health [FOTO]

Gained talent: Ola Petrus fights hatred

The semi-finalist of the TVN talent show, despite a fantastic reception, has to deal with hatred all the time because of her looks. She is ridiculed and humiliated on the Internet. They call her “dwarf and” circus curiosity “. Although Ola is a visitor and has a great distance to herself, she recently failed to hold on. Brutal taunts broke her. In a published post, Stojnica admitted that she had had enough of hatred and that she was withdrawing from social networks for a while.

My dear ones, I have had enough. I was just fucking fed up. I thought I would somehow handle it all, I could handle it, but it was beyond my power. This is what the face of a man looks like (because at the other end of the comment there is always a man) who has heard the word “dwarf” several times in the last few hours. Who hears that the curiosity is in the circus. And it’s not the first time. Just as Mr. Paweł wrote in one of his many comments – “Ola the dwarf caught one sentence and identified with it” – wrote Ola.

The “Got Talent” star admitted that she no longer had the strength to fight for respect and let out nasty jokes.

WI felt I had the strength to fight for something. Ask, pray, persuade, argue. Eventually even pissed off. And encourage in public. In order not to dehumanize. In order not to promote the connotation with the circus. Not to be provoked by a derogatory word. I thought the times when I cry at home are because someone is shouting “dwarf, dwarf” behind me, but behind me, but unfortunately it’s not she admitted.

Disappear. I don’t even know how long. But I know I won’t be able to ignore certain things, so I guess I’m just not good at it anymore. I just have to turn myself off, because simply in the world … I don’t do that. I lost all that damn distance. Thank you for this tremendous warmth from you. I’m sorry I gave up though. Stay there – wrote Ola Petrus on Facebook.

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