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GPS NAVIGATION. Navigation in cars can stop working! GPS navigation is coming [7.04.2019] Google Navigation

Navigation in cars can stop working!

1024 weeks, it's enough that GPS is active for almost 20 years – we read on This system has been in operation since 1980. The first time this reset occurred on August 21, 1999. Now, on April 6, a new measurement will start, which means the next zeroing of the "gauge".

As reported by for navigation users, such a reset can mean a lot of problems. Devices may display a bad date and time. This can affect the accuracy of the position or there may be problems with calculating the exact time.

According to experts, devices manufactured after 2010 should work without any problems. According to experts, smartphone owners can sleep peacefully, their phones should be able to work without any interference.

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What is resetting GPS weekly number (WNRO)?

GPS is a world renowned system that provides accurate and reliable location and time information anywhere on Earth. GPS satellites send information about the current date and time to users with accuracy of nanoseconds. Unfortunately, in 1980, when the GPS system just began to measure time, date and time information was stored using a meter that could count up to 1024 weeks or 19.7 years. After 1024 weeks, the counter is "reset" to zero and the countdown time in the GPS system has started again. The first reset occurred in August, 1999. The second reset will be held on April 6, 2019 – is explained on the Garmin website



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